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Digital Strategy, Fundraising, and Training

I'm Michael Whitney.

I'm a marketer, fundraiser, and campaigner with fourteen years of experience building digital programs, strategies, and trainings for candidates and organizations in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Rolling Stone named me one of "16 Young Americans Shaping the Presidential Election."

After serving as Bernie Sanders' Digital Fundraising Manager for the 2016 election, I moved to Australia to be the Fundraising Expert-in-Residence with the Centre for Australian Progress where I worked with NGOs throughout that country and New Zealand. Now I'm working with organizations around the world to improve their digital programs (and I'd love to hear about how I can help you).


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What I Do


There's no magic wands or secret spells needed to succeed with small-dollar fundraising. Any organization can build a successful grassroots fundraising operation with the right balance of message, strategy, and commitment. I'll work with you to make it happen.


Want a fresh perspective on what your campaign or organization is doing online? We'll take a look at your digital programs and find the low-hanging fruit and long-term solutions to get you more money and more engaged supporters.


I train individuals and organizations on how to write emails and content, fundraise ethically, understand both the principles and advanced work of testing and experimentation, and how to build the right kind of digital program and experience you need to succeed.


Everyone's supporter base is different, but it's almost always a good idea to keep your audiences fresh, while expanding if you can. I can help you think through how you want to grow your lists, set up systems to track your return on investment, and make sure you're growing smartly and responsibly.


Whether you're looking to launch a campaign or project, or want ongoing support for your digital programs, I'm here to help from conception to execution to final review and analysis. 



What your supporters respond to best is always changing and should almost always surprise you. Something as small as a button color or as big as a messaging shift can change your digital programs dramatically. I'll help you find opportunities to test and experiment with your website and email list, then give you the skills and tools to continue on your own.


Now he’s helping explode the old campaign-finance model. Instead of working through a rolodex of wealthy donors, Whitney is reaching out to people who may not have ever contributed to a campaign in their lives, and only have a few dollars to give.
— Rolling Stone Magazine


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